December 17, 2019

There is No Such Thing as Evil

Will Rucker joins the conversation, again, for episode 21. 

The conversation is controversial, provocative, and mind-stretching. Brace yourselves and listen with two ears.
Prepare yourself for new ideas surrounding: Everything is love, including beheading, rape, and theft. There is no such thing as evil. People are people are people. God is your imagination. God is your creation. 

How do we wake up? We do it through conversation and expansion of experience.


Once in a generation, a voice emerges that revolutionizes the world  as we know it. Will Rucker is this generation's voice. As a voice of  clarity in the midst of confusion and a light shining through  cloudiness, Will "the Voice" Rucker offers the hope of love to a world  in need.

Will brings together all faiths and all people, welcoming them into  an experience with Divine Love which brings about radical  transformation. During his Sunday Gatherings, classes, events and  activities, he strives to awaken the love that dwells within us all.

Based on the teachings of Jesus and other revolutionary prophets;  Will helps people of all backgrounds to release old thoughts and  behavior patterns and open up to a new way of being created by "Love  Beyond Belief".

You can connect with Will Rucker on social media or by visiting

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