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God is Seducing Us

God is Seducing Us

February 17, 2020

In this episode, Recovery Coach Christina Choy joins the conversation. Christina’s work engenders clients to find their freedom and our conversation puts words to the liberation she is living out loud. Our discussion tackles homeschool/unschool ideas and we both share our concerns about how we teach our children and what practices we use to let our children show us their passion. From there, Christina shares her analogy for how life is like a table with rotten legs and how we can provide our tables with sturdy legs, so long as we are willing to put in the work. We are behind our words and how we put into practice the things we claim for ourselves matters. This may resonate with many listeners and provoke introspective reflection as it did for me. We talk about belly dancing and the Shakira/JLo performance that created an uproar.


Christina Choy is a stay at home Catholic mom to 5 kids.  She has spent the last 10 years suffering from and then recovering from, a severe chronic illness. Through the process of recovery, she dove deep into her subconscious mind in order to rehabilitate and rewire her brain. This taught her much about the relationship between psyche, spirituality, physical wellbeing, sexuality, and relationships. Since then it has been her mission to point people toward their own inherent wellbeing, wholeness, freedom, and power via her YouTube channel, private coaching practice, and simply living what she teaches every single day.

To connect with Christina Choy, please visit her YouTube channel or finding her on Facebook.


Midnight Monologue- Sexuality is the Subject Not the Object

Midnight Monologue- Sexuality is the Subject Not the Object

February 11, 2020

On this episode, I share my frustrations with my journey toward Erotic Embodiment and talk about why it's important that we have the uncomfortable conversations about what flesh really symbolizes. Do my revealing photos only signal abject objectification or can we learn something from an adventurous artistic expression?

I want to hear from you. What prevents us from engaging the taboo discussions regarding sexuality, eroticism, and our temples? Is a woman's body just there to arouse and produce an erection?

What is Your Passionwalk?

What is Your Passionwalk?

February 10, 2020

In this episode, Star Plummer (S.L. Plummer) joins the conversation. She is the author of the Passionwalk Series and today, we discuss her latest work, Naked: Your Best Teacher is Your Last Mistake.


S.L. Plummer returns with Passionwalk II: Naked, the sequel to her debut erotic Christian family drama. Inspired by a strong relationship with God, Plummer draws on the Word and on her own cultural heritage to create flawed but deeply human characters struggling with the challenges of faith and relationships.

“I wrote the book as a way to minister to people who think God does not love them or that they do not belong in church,” Plummer said. “My characters touch on what is considered taboo subjects, but I believe the conversation about God and religion is not complete if it does not include sexuality and other touchy topics.”

Plummer said she intended to write a romance novel, but as others started reading her book, they have labeled it erotic Christian romance.

PASSIONWALK is the story of Saundra and Nehemiah. Both characters are at crossroads. Saundra is devastated by her last relationship and has quit praying for a soul mate. Nehemiah’s life was shattered by his wife’s infidelity. Though his aunt keeps telling him about a woman she sees in her dreams, Nehemiah has lost faith that this woman exists or that he will ever find her. Sparks fly when the pair meet, but Saundra’s secrets about her past and Nehemiah’s fear of commitment threaten to tear them apart.

Plummer said she got the idea for the book based on her own experiences and from the experiences of those close to her. Mainly, Plummer said, she wrote the book to open a conversation around faith and sexuality. She posts often on her Facebook page and responds daily to messages she receives publicly and privately. She said a few people were upset about the explicit sexuality in the book, but most of her responses have been positive.

The Passionwalk Series is available on Amazon.

Perfectionism, Presidential PTSD, and Porn

Perfectionism, Presidential PTSD, and Porn

February 3, 2020

Episode 26 begins the Erotic Epiphany Series!

On this episode Lesley Goth PsyD. joins the conversation to talk about trauma, anxiety, sexual expression, sexual identity, and we dig into eroticism.

Porn can bring couples together? Porn addiction is not the only addiction we should reevaluate: Hello Netflix binges. Anything can be used to avoid intimacy and addiction- watch for the indications of numbing pain or fear of rejection or exclusion when reaching for a way to find pleasure. Self-awareness is key. If we rely on autopilot programming, we cannot break any habit. Change comes from an internal desire to want to change.

What is sexual anorexia? We discuss that plus I ask the question: Can a Presidential election cause PTSD? Lesley offers a considerate and serious response to the question.

Why doesn’t pseudo connection via the internet work?  “We are meant to be connected to each other- like touching!”

What’s wrong with perfectionism? What is Big T Trauma and how does it differ from Little T Trauma?

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Lesley Goth PsyD has been in private practice since 2004. She is an expert in the field of Trauma, Anxiety and Depression. Lesley is a blogger, writer, and speaker. She is excited to be working on her first book teaching other therapists how to be good therapists.

Lesley received her BA in Psychology from Skidmore College in NY in 1990. During college, she worked closely with eating disorder and substance abuse patients at Silver Hill Psychiatric Hospital in Connecticut.

Lesley received her MA and PsyD in Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology (Alliant University) in 1994. After graduate school, she completed her post doctorate hours in a variety of clinical settings including private practice, nursing home, HMO mental health clinic and a school for seriously emotionally disturbed adolescents.

Soon after graduate school, she married and took time to raise her family. Lesley also had the opportunity to do counseling through her churches in Chino Hills, CA and Raleigh, NC. Lesley currently approaches her work with a very progressive mindset regarding faith and healing. She works with clients of every faith and background. There are many paths to healing if the client is open and ready to do the work. 

After moving to Colorado in 2004, she returned to her passion for counseling and successfully completed the Colorado state licensing exam (CO State License Number 2910). Lesley is currently certified as an EMDR therapist and has completed the level I training for Gottman’s theory of Couples Counseling. Lesley has been invited to speak at Eating Disorder and EMDR therapy events. Lesley also provides supervision and/or consultation for both unlicensed and licensed therapists. In addition to working with clients all over the world, Lesley has also had the privilege of working with victims of the Columbine, Aurora, and Las Vegas shootings.

Lesley’s practice is not limited to trauma. She loves working with adolescents and adults with all types of emotional issues, helping them heal by feeling heard and valued. If you’re feeling stuck, alone, or powerless, Lesley can help you move forward and connect to your true self and experience a fulfilling life.

The Ministry in Music

The Ministry in Music

January 28, 2020

On this episode, AnDraea Keene Williams of the Saul 2 Paul Project, joins the conversation. Music is the message. AnDraea shares her musical story and faith transformation. We spend so much time talking about musical influences, what’s in our playlist, and how music connects us to the experience and essence of the songwriter. The story of Saul 2 Paul unfolds as AnDraea talks about the ministry idea she had imagined and how it was actualized through the formation of Saul 2 Paul, a gospel soul band. The conversation dives deeper as AnDraea talks about her apostolic/Pentecostal influences, speaking in tongues, and how she outgrew the institutional environment and establishment of the church. Seeing God as ever-expanding and all-loving, she ultimately rejected the idea of a wrathful God. We then turn the discussion to the toxicity of Black Nationalism and AnDraea shares a piece of her story when she was introduced to black nationalism and the teachings of Queen Shahrzad Ali along with the Nation of Islam. From there, I ask the question: Is Kanye Gospel Rap? Is Kanye conscious rap? We then raise the question: Is Trump elitist, racist, or is it something else?

Featured Music: The Hero & Give It All Up by Saul 2 Paul Project


Saul 2 Paul Project

Band: AnDraea Keene-Williams, Nicole Mcfadden, Chris Bigdaddy-Grinds Phelps, Temari Thompson, Lewis CatDaddy Brandon, Bryan Lewis Sr., Trevail Stokes and Keith Williams


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“The DMV’s one and only Gospel/Soul Band”
Music about Jesus Christ.



Markle and Her Husband Moved Out?!

Markle and Her Husband Moved Out?!

January 19, 2020

In this episode Danielle pops in to tease the new season and opine about Markle and her husband, the Prince...what's his name again?

Your Reality is Not the Rhetoric

Your Reality is Not the Rhetoric

December 31, 2019

On this season finale of Recorded Conversations, Danielle offers you a second monologue for the year.
Your reality is not the rhetoric that perpetuates the airwaves. You are not the category that MSM says you are. People are not all bad, they are good. We need to put our devices down long enough to see that. Connection and conversation is love, but technology profits from our disconnection and division.

Danielle reveals a piece of her past that helps explain why she has contempt for abortion discussions and demands for a woman's right.
Let 2020 be the year that you pay attention to what is happening in your own world and not with the world the news wants you to see.

Recorded Conversations will be back in February with new and exciting dialogues, a new series on Erotic Education, and so much more. Happy New Year!

Renewing the Mind

Renewing the Mind

December 23, 2019

Episode 22 welcomes Todd Vick to the Conversation.
Todd Vick is an award-winning Christian writer, event speaker, and former Southern Baptist Pastor. Today, we discuss his latest book: The Renewing of Your Mind: Asking Modern Questions to Ancient Answers

Todd reveals vulnerable moments of childhood trauma, shares his story of addiction and healing. He presents a renewed vision for readers to embrace as they work through past experiences with a new lens.

Todd shares why breaking habits and creating new patterns can help us live in the present moment and deescalate triggered reactions. We discuss why 2020 needs to be the Year of Intimacy. Todd reveals what he discovered about restoration and we chat a bit about why it’s so hard for us to recognize Jesus when His presence is near. Renewing our minds may help renew the church. All this and so much more.

From The Renewing of the Mind; Accessing the Supernatural: “…every single one of us [is] divinely endowed with the ability to do supernatural things…to change lives for the better. All it takes is for us to share who we are, give what we have, do what we can, and enjoy the satisfaction that humanity and the greater good have been served in a way that is not of this world.” (89)

Todd Vick is currently working on his second book with Quoir Publishing.
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For his latest book:


There is No Such Thing as Evil

There is No Such Thing as Evil

December 17, 2019

Will Rucker joins the conversation, again, for episode 21. 

The conversation is controversial, provocative, and mind-stretching. Brace yourselves and listen with two ears.
Prepare yourself for new ideas surrounding: Everything is love, including beheading, rape, and theft. There is no such thing as evil. People are people are people. God is your imagination. God is your creation. 

How do we wake up? We do it through conversation and expansion of experience.


Once in a generation, a voice emerges that revolutionizes the world  as we know it. Will Rucker is this generation's voice. As a voice of  clarity in the midst of confusion and a light shining through  cloudiness, Will "the Voice" Rucker offers the hope of love to a world  in need.

Will brings together all faiths and all people, welcoming them into  an experience with Divine Love which brings about radical  transformation. During his Sunday Gatherings, classes, events and  activities, he strives to awaken the love that dwells within us all.

Based on the teachings of Jesus and other revolutionary prophets;  Will helps people of all backgrounds to release old thoughts and  behavior patterns and open up to a new way of being created by "Love  Beyond Belief".

You can connect with Will Rucker on social media or by visiting

Monologue- You Are Qualified

Monologue- You Are Qualified

December 10, 2019

In this episode, I spend a small amount of time reminding you that you are qualified by God. We are already validated by our existence. Don't let anyone disqualify you. Your existence is proof that you are CHOSEN to be here.