The Positives of the Purity Culture- A Response

Danielle addresses a blog posted on Patheos Progressive Christian.

Are we really rejecting the purity culture if the patterns and programs run deeper than just the surface? Is a verbal disclaimer the magical tool to transforming the erotic?

When you use the same fear tactics to condemn fear tactics, it’s counterproductive. Mimetic theory coming in your face.

What Jesus was really showing us through erotic relationships?

How do we go from puritanical entanglements to erotic nurturing and growth?

Why the deconstructionists need to deconstruct from deconstructionism.


Vogue + Harry Styles + Dress + Candace Owens + Attack on Masculinity

I address the scandal of Styles in a dress and expose the hypocrisy in crying wolf over ideas that masculinity is somehow being upended simply because a dude with long hair is wearing a dress. I remind Christians that we follow a dude who had long hair and wore a dress, and presumably, didn't upset the times all based on what he wore, or did he?

Listen and find out!

How can being more like a child help us unblock our erotic clogs so that we can embody our truest and highest erotic self?
Take a listen to find out!

A rant about the "moral failures" as defined by Carl Lentz and my take on it. 
What should we ask of Church Leadership when a presiding pastor missteps? Do we expect too much perfection?

November 24, 2020

What If?

Today, Kurt and Katy Adkins join the conversation. They are the hosts of The Real Life Podcast and authors of the book What If? 15 Topics Worth Discussing For Lifelong Happiness. Katy and Kurt share their journey from being saved by a Glowing Man to learning how to use their hands to heal others. What If we discuss the ideas that Christianity may have mistranslated along the way? What If who we believe to be the enemy isn’t true? What If a sin is a lie in itself? What If this is the truth that will set you free? What If I am the word?

To connect with Kurt and Katy Adkins, you can find Kurt on Facebook, reach them by email: or you can text Kurt directly: 406-314-3698

Check out The Real Life Podcast with Kurt and Katy here:

Get their book here:



Join Danielle in this monologue as she rants and raves and reflects about what she is learning through the crisis and drama of the never-ending attacks from her in-laws. 

Relevance, apologies, understanding, unhealed trauma: all of this correlates to what we can learn from the unfortunate interactions we find ourselves in through this crazy thing called life. 

November 1, 2020

Practical Hope

Christina Choy joins me on Recorded Conversations today. What an honor and treat!

We discuss so much today and it was a powerful engagement. She is truly some that inspires and motivates others.

She's a healing coach that lives into her self and believes in good things.

Today, we talk about the feminine and masculine: the differences and how understanding those differences can assist us with development. We talk about knowing and believing that we can choose good things for ourselves.

Planting seeds for the future: Practical Hope, as she explains it.

She shares her discovery of beauty and shares how others can find that truth within. I offer an observation about kinetic energy and kenotic love.

Share space with us, that is after all, our purpose in life.

Adam Anderson joins Recorded Conversations in this episode. Adam is a singer/songwriter and author. In this episode, we share space to tackled tensions with Trump, and how to react to his illness, how the view of hell in our society may impact or influence our incarceration rates. What can the church do (and all of us) to recreate a comprehensive sexual education policy that removes the stigma and encourages an open-minded view of desensitization of sexuality so that it can be understood.


Adam is a singer-songwriter who writes and is now producing and releasing his own material.  He is currently working on his debut album and writing a book that will be released along with the album. He grew up as a devout Evangelical Christian and has since departed from that to explore new schools of thought and more inclusive ways of life.
“Be Still” is the first single from his upcoming album and it’s available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, produced by Grant Turley Audio in Houston, TX.
For more of his music, a free song download, and to order his album and/or book, check out his social media bios or click the link in the show notes!
For more of Adam’s story, check out his recent interview on the podcast, Finding Freedom With Jordan Apodaca!
And if you want to indulge in Adam’s random miscellaneous thought processes, check out his blog at:!


To connect with Adam, find him on Facebook:


Barry Taylor joins the conversation to discuss his book Sex, God, and Rock n' Roll. (Fortress Press)
Barry entered adulthood touring the world with legendary rock band AC/DC and from there became an artist, theologian, priest, and teacher. 
We discuss the role of darkness and melancholy in Taylor's life. We move into Dylan's famous utterance to "play fucking loud" in life by finding our own voice and refusing to be an echo of another. We unpack a new angle of Luke 7:44 (Do you see this woman?) and talk about why labels blind us. Then we conclude the discussion with an awareness of an eternal hunger that never seems to be satiated.
Make sure to get a copy of Barry's book here:


To discover more about Barry Taylor:,of%20us%20has%20the%20answer.


September 28, 2020

Polyamorous Heaven

Cory Kingstrom joins the conversation and the couple discusses the difference between "being married" versus being committed, growing pains of change within a relationship, what choice means, and why it's important. Then the conversation dives into thoughts on the afterlife and what that would look like actualized in our reality in the NOW.

September 14, 2020

The Myth of Sex Addiction

Dr. David J. Ley joins the conversation to unfold the controversy behind the Netflix film "Cuties." We dive into discussions surrounding Falwell Jr. and cuckoldry, sex and porn addiction, masturbation, and society's addiction to orgasmic outrage on all things sexual.

This is for mature audiences.

To learn more about Dr. Ley:


September 2, 2020

Insatiable Wet Ass PWord

In this monologue, Danielle covers the headline topics surrounding Jerry Falwell Jr., Cardi B. and WAP, and sex-trafficking.

What happens when we go beyond the surface level of judging what we've read and listened to about these topics and asking bolder questions?

What if Falwell Jr. was crying out for help and we didn't see the signs?

What if we ask more important questions about open marriages and cuckoldry?

What happens when we juxtapose Cardi B. lyrics with Bible verses? Would Christians be so quick to condemn her or the expression of eroticism?

Danielle reads from Dr. David J. Ley's bestselling book Insatiable Wives and Dr. Emily Nagoski's bestselling book, Come As You Are.



For more information on Naked Tree Advising: Erotic Embodiment Advisor Danielle Kingstrom can be found on Facebook and on Twitter & InstaGram @DKingstrom.


September 1, 2020

Obligation Relation

Danielle returns to the microphone to discuss "obligation relation." What happens to the relationship when we realize it is merely obligatory? How do we address that?

Danielle shares the "Principles for ethical relationships" bill of rights, as found in the book More than Two: A practical guide to polyamory by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert.


August 2, 2020

I Wish Her Well

A monologue that includes questions surrounding Trump's comment about Ghislaine Maxwell and why this is terribly problematic to say about a sex-trafficking co-conspirator. From there, a brief expression on the grueling truths of sex-trafficking and exploitation.

After that, Danielle shares some personal details surrounding the irrelevant in-laws.



Daniel Rushing joins the conversation today and we jump right into the topic of sex following a brief pondering of utopian systems. Coronavirus observations are discussed. Are we disconnected from nature? How can we find a balance so that the bluescreens don't make us numb and angry? Intimacy and vulnerability- how do we achieve that?
We then learn more about Daniel Rushing and his health coaching practice.. .which you can learn more about by contacting Daniel directly via social media.

And on IG @ realdanielrushing


Collin Brown of Shirt Off Your Back Consulting joins the conversation. Collin Brown is a behavioral counselor who helps people learn how to be responsible for their physical and mental health. In the discussion, we talk about how fatherlessness contributes to alarming negative consequences, why masculine energy is positive, and why we shouldn't be so quick to embrace an anti-male mentality. 

To connect with Collin Brown, you can find him on Twitter: @CollinBrown85 or visit his site at


On this episode, Danielle's husband Cory joins the conversation to discuss marriage, relationships, polyamory, open marriages, ethical non-monogamy, porn, and so much more.

Chris Terrell joins Danielle for this conversation. We discuss Chris' upbringing and how that helped form who he is right now. He shares his views on what he sees between outliers and insiders. We share agreement in the idea of Oneness and how everything is connected. He asks the question: "What if we are all wrong?" What happens when it comes down to agreeability and disagreeability and why that shouldn't determine "family" and connection. He explains how he doesn't see things as "right or wrong" but more so in terms of what is "mature" and what is "immature." We talk about how movies influence mimesis, how despite primary focus, there is so much that is not attended to when the demands are to keep us attentive on things that really don't matter. We discuss how disagreement is diversity and why love either isn't a distraction at all or maybe it's THE distraction we all need.

To connect with Chris Terrell, you can visit his social media page here:


Episode 50!!!!

Today's special guest is my dear friend Emishi Ashitaka. We begin by shooting the shit and sharing some thoughts we have about current events. Emishi and I have been friends for several years but we allow each other space to be different and that's what makes our friendship so multi-faceted.

We tackle coronavirus, farmer's woes, what engineering is about, normalized reactivity, Kanye West v. Taylor Swift, Cool Hand Luke: We have a failure to communicate, Sci-fi theology, how strength is an illusion, circles of alignment, Logos, how to protest, why sometimes people are stupid, and why wives make their men sandwiches.

To connect with Emishi Ashitaka, you can find him on Facebook.


Right now would be a great time to switch gears and throw a little love out for your listening pleasure. I recorded this conversation awhile back. I am sure many of you are familiar with my next guest. Thomas Jay Oord is a theologian, philosopher, and scholar of multi-disciplinary studies. Oord is a best-selling and award-winning author, having written or edited more than twenty-five books. He directs a doctoral program at Northwind Theological Seminary and the Center for Open and Relational Theology. A twelve-time Faculty Award-winning professor, Oord teaches at institutions around the globe. Oord is known for his contributions to research on love, open and relational theology, science and religion, and the implications of freedom and relationships for transformation.

The topic is centered on the question I asked Thomas, which was “Do you have an eros theology?” To which he responded, “Yes, I do!”

Thomas shares the synopsis of his book God Can’t

What does it look like to rethink God’s power and consider God’s love as uncontrollable? He then breaks down what relational theology looks like.

“Love has to be the center of theology.”

“I wanted to have a definition of love.”

“To love is to act intentionally in relational response to God and others; to promote overall well-being.”

“Love is constantly asking the question: What Promotes the common good?”

“Is it OK if we talk some about sex on this show? Let me go on some wild directions…”

Can pleasure promote well-being? What about masturbation? Is vulnerability easier within monogamy?

We discuss polyamory, why eros is the umbrella, and eroticism is the sub-category. Whitehead’s influence on Oord, “reality is comprised of events…” and more.

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