April 7, 2020

The Right Seed for the Need

Today's guest is Kyle Butler. He is a former congregational preacher who has evolved not only his faith but his mode of delivery. I'd like to call him a social preacher. Kyle had an early life ministering in the church, ordained at just 21 and pastoring over the church he grew up in by 26. In 2008, he began a spiritual transformation that led him to embrace a revelation of grace and God's unconditional love. It was this trajectory that led him to understand that he could free himself of the religious dogma to fully embody love and share the message of unconditional grace.

This conversation dives deep. We begin by Kyle sharing the story of his love and reverence for church and God and what turning points in his life revealed a bigger picture than he was prepared to imagine. From there, Kyle helps me understand his position presentation without argumentation. I confront Kyle about something he shared on his social media that rubbed me the wrong way, initially. He breaks down why he doesn't feel obligated to state his cause and argue with scripture or translation to convince someone of what he believes.

"I want you to be at peace. But if you believe that God has a fire pit and he's gonna throw people inside that fire pit one day—if that gives you peace—I don't care anymore. If that gives you peace, that's perfectly okay because I don't have to live in your head."

The conversation continues as we both share why we don't care about the labels. Kyle's controversial claims begin revealing themselves in statements such as: "I don't think God cares what we think about God."

Kyle reveals an interesting perspective on politics—one that I happen to agree with.

"We do not have to take this so seriously. I don't think there's a politician alive who is fighting for you the way you fight for them... They're not going to charge the chambers and demand justice for me."

As Kay Fairchild once said, "love is never offended." If you can listen without offense, you might be able to compassionately consider the perspective of Kyle Butler.

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