March 9, 2021

Social Norms and Social Bubbles

Today, Cory Kingstrom joins the conversation again. After a 6-month absence, Cory and Danielle reunite in front of the microphone. Careful folks, this episode is expressive in nature- we are going to discuss s-e-x. 
Before that, are you the search engine for your children? Freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom to not express or not exercise, what happens when it is no longer a socially acceptable norm to protest? Then we discuss Pastor Clark and his recent sermon gaff, purity preaching, social fears about eroticism. We also dip into the waters of Dr. Seuss, Danielle's 24-hour Facebook ban, censorship, creativity, anger and fear cycles, ignorance and social bubbles, and more. 

**Not recommended for children or the highly sensitive.**


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