November 4, 2019

Wounds to Wisdom

This week’s episode welcomes Danny Prada to the conversation. Pastor Danny talks about what’s in store for Heartway 2.0. Danny’s sermon Wounds to Wisdom is unpacked along with a discussion on why it’s so important to be vulnerable and authentic, especially now more than ever. Is the church facing an awakening and is Danny participating in leading that charge? Tune in to hear us talk about holy curiosity, why we look for problems when the solutions are within, and how we can be a lightning rod for others and why we need someone to ground our energy.


Pastor Danny and his wife Emily consider themselves to be first and foremost servants of HeartWay Church. Together, they are committed to seeing lives changed through the good news of Jesus. Pastor Danny graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership, and from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity. He has served in a multitude of ministerial capacities over the years, including several pastoral and chaplaincy positions in both mega-churches and non-profit organizations. Pastor Danny is also in the process of working towards his Doctor of Ministry degree at Fuller Theological Seminary.

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