February 10, 2020

What is Your Passionwalk?

In this episode, Star Plummer (S.L. Plummer) joins the conversation. She is the author of the Passionwalk Series and today, we discuss her latest work, Naked: Your Best Teacher is Your Last Mistake.


S.L. Plummer returns with Passionwalk II: Naked, the sequel to her debut erotic Christian family drama. Inspired by a strong relationship with God, Plummer draws on the Word and on her own cultural heritage to create flawed but deeply human characters struggling with the challenges of faith and relationships.

“I wrote the book as a way to minister to people who think God does not love them or that they do not belong in church,” Plummer said. “My characters touch on what is considered taboo subjects, but I believe the conversation about God and religion is not complete if it does not include sexuality and other touchy topics.”

Plummer said she intended to write a romance novel, but as others started reading her book, they have labeled it erotic Christian romance.

PASSIONWALK is the story of Saundra and Nehemiah. Both characters are at crossroads. Saundra is devastated by her last relationship and has quit praying for a soul mate. Nehemiah’s life was shattered by his wife’s infidelity. Though his aunt keeps telling him about a woman she sees in her dreams, Nehemiah has lost faith that this woman exists or that he will ever find her. Sparks fly when the pair meet, but Saundra’s secrets about her past and Nehemiah’s fear of commitment threaten to tear them apart.

Plummer said she got the idea for the book based on her own experiences and from the experiences of those close to her. Mainly, Plummer said, she wrote the book to open a conversation around faith and sexuality. She posts often on her Facebook page and responds daily to messages she receives publicly and privately. She said a few people were upset about the explicit sexuality in the book, but most of her responses have been positive.

The Passionwalk Series is available on Amazon.


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