October 29, 2019

Under the Mango Tree

Paul Thomas Darilek  joins the conversation and we talk about his upcoming book: The Butterflies in God’s Stomach. This episode’s discussion include Paul’s back story, understanding how we can integrate the love story into nature, and what it was like to be in the recent presence of Oscar Romero. We also discuss how the church is going through a transformation and with that, there is a need for works that speak to a similar idea, which includes diversity in the expression of God’s love, such as revealed in Paul’s upcoming works.


Paul studied English Literature in college, then disappeared into the mountains of Central America. 

In a tiny rural Salvadoran village called Tierra Nueva, he farmed beans and started a Bible study group with his neighbors under the shade of a mango tree. Under that mango tree is where his lifelong fascination with the Bible’s love story began. 

Finding himself in that love story, and getting engaged, Paul went on the road as a storyteller, raised money, and trained a team of Salvadoran friends to start a non-profit ministry that partners with churches, schools, and clinics to help them provide safe drinking water in their communities. He went on to help Living Water International do the same around the world, then resigned to write full time as a freelancer and an aspiring artist aiming to help himself and others find ourselves in a love story, and get engaged

Paul lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and two kids.

For more on Paul Thomas Darilek, please check out http://butterfliesbook.com/ and https://www.paulthomasauthor.com/about


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