November 25, 2019

To Vote or Not to Vote?

Seth Price- host of Can I Say This At Church podcast, returns for another recorded conversation and it gets political. We raise and attempt to answer the question: How is Donald Trump a gift? We discuss our views on voting and the government, why it's good, bad, and the reason I no longer vote. I share why the influence of Jacques Ellul led me to discern that voting is just not the way for me to advance the Kingdom. Seth presents an alternative to voting and discusses why Trump is not a gift, but a danger to our country.
Dirty Democrats, Trump draining the swamp, a bad pronunciation of AOC, and why Truth Hurts my Face.

Seth Price is a husband, father, and podcast host. He is unashamedly a sushi virgin.

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In the fall of 2017 an idea was born but it had been growing for so much longer than that, and that idea was the Can I Say This At Church Podcast. Here's the story:

A group of friends (mostly from College) gathered, talked, argued, and debated everything from politics to Jesus and why the Patriots ALWAYS get the call! I realized soon (thanks social media!) that we were not a minority and so many others were having these same conversations; or not having them and just leaving the Church altogether.

And so, after roughly ten years of deconstructing, reconstructing, rinse- wash-repeat. Something resembling a new faith and a new passion for Jesus emerged; and this pocast is the outpouring of that. Each week a new episode will go live with a guest; or to frame it better, someone that can hopefully help give us new ideas and thoughts to chew on as we grow and stretch our faith.

Come join our online experience and gatherings on Facebook and Twitter all of which can be found at the Patreon page. You can find out more about the podcast and the Seth Price here:

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