January 28, 2020

The Ministry in Music

On this episode, AnDraea Keene Williams of the Saul 2 Paul Project, joins the conversation. Music is the message. AnDraea shares her musical story and faith transformation. We spend so much time talking about musical influences, what’s in our playlist, and how music connects us to the experience and essence of the songwriter. The story of Saul 2 Paul unfolds as AnDraea talks about the ministry idea she had imagined and how it was actualized through the formation of Saul 2 Paul, a gospel soul band. The conversation dives deeper as AnDraea talks about her apostolic/Pentecostal influences, speaking in tongues, and how she outgrew the institutional environment and establishment of the church. Seeing God as ever-expanding and all-loving, she ultimately rejected the idea of a wrathful God. We then turn the discussion to the toxicity of Black Nationalism and AnDraea shares a piece of her story when she was introduced to black nationalism and the teachings of Queen Shahrzad Ali along with the Nation of Islam. From there, I ask the question: Is Kanye Gospel Rap? Is Kanye conscious rap? We then raise the question: Is Trump elitist, racist, or is it something else?

Featured Music: The Hero & Give It All Up by Saul 2 Paul Project


Saul 2 Paul Project

Band: AnDraea Keene-Williams, Nicole Mcfadden, Chris Bigdaddy-Grinds Phelps, Temari Thompson, Lewis CatDaddy Brandon, Bryan Lewis Sr., Trevail Stokes and Keith Williams


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“The DMV’s one and only Gospel/Soul Band”
Music about Jesus Christ.






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