February 3, 2021

The Face of God in Everything

Today, Matthew Niemi joins the conversation. Matthew is a Ph.D. Candidate for Islamic Studies and reached out to me after hearing the episode Psychedelic Christianity, in which I question whether Islam offers similar doctrines of forgiveness as Christianity. As a listener, he felt compelled to confront the confusion and offered space to be a guest and discuss. (Listeners, I love when this happens!)

He shares what he has learned of Islam, and then we dig into forgiveness, politics, and censorship. He also flexes his Arabic skills. He drops a few verses from Matthew 23, shows how Jesus is regarded within Islam, and parallels the similarities of Christianity and Islam. Allah is a God of mercy, love, and forgiveness, expecting the same of his followers.

Is it a good thing for Islam to be entangled in politics, should it influence political policies and measures, or should it be separate? Matthew articulates that, like Christianity, there is a spectrum of entanglement similar to what we have in the United States.

Then, we dig into social problems and our responsibility as a collective. I share a little bit about my concern for eroticizing politics, how feminism lost its power by seeking all the power, and why I want to keep eroticism separate from politics.

Matthew raises a good point that politics and religion are helpful for us to organize and operate within the society we live in.

We cover a variety of topics. Settle in and get cozy, and compassionately consider the perspective of Matthew Abdulhaqq Niemi. Enjoy the episode.


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