September 16, 2019

The Erotic Translation- Dedicated to the Bible Scholars

In this episode, Cory interviews Danielle and asks "What the Facebook?"
Danielle discusses why she is compelled to speak and write to Eros through a theological lens, even if Cory thinks theology is a waste of time.  
This conversations reveals the way the couple finds a way to hold in tension a difference of opinion in regard to academe and scholarly works from the Bible. Intellectual snobbery is also addressed, along with why people push so hard against new ideas and concepts regarding love and eros. The discussion continues with ideas about words and the meanings we attach to them, whether or not they hold power, as Derrida submitted, and what it means to just be present and listen to another. Everyone just wants to know they matter. Also, the couple addresses the allegation that they suffer from what Danielle has coined as "Erotic dysfunction."
Rated R for Radically Open-Minded. 

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