May 5, 2020

The Compassionate Conservative: Check Your Offenses at the Door

David Cubbedge joins the conversation today. He is a Trump supporter, a welding inspector, a Christian, and a lover of humanity.

David shares why he has a love for everyone, why he doesn't have enough education to reject climate change and recognizes that things that are done with our tax dollars are "evil."

David shares his what insight he gleaned from Come Sunday and The Shack.

He likens holding on to bad theology to holding onto an insurance policy. 

Judgment = fear

We learn from others through dialogue.

It's beautiful to know the truth about yourself.

Account for your beliefs.


How can we check our offenses at the door?

All this and more. Listen and find out.

To connect with David Cubbedge, you can find him on Facebook.



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