November 12, 2019

Stay Out of the Ditches

On this episode, Dan Kent joins the conversation. Filmed on location at Woodland Hills Church in Maplewood, Minnesota, Danielle meets Dan for a mini-tour of the church, a renovated K-Mart building, and the two sit down for an intimate conversation about Dan’s latest book: Confident Humility: Becoming Your Full Self without Becoming Full of Yourself. Dan discusses his concept of the ditches; the Ditch of Smallness and the Ditch of Bigness. The conversation leads to an appreciation for the Principle of Proportionality, a theory introduced by Senior Pastor of Woodland Hills and theologian, Dr. Greg Boyd. Dan breaks down his view of the Bad Robot society we are seduced by, how social media impacts our connections, and how we are being programmed to be “numb brains floating gently down algorithmic content streams.” Danielle asks Dan how we can inject more sexuality into sermons. Dan suggests that Seminary courses should offer classes on Money, Power, and Sex. Danielle asks Dan: why criticism is a gift and Dan shares why he believes he doesn’t grow from praise.



Daniel Kent (@thatdankent) was born to a 14 year old mother in the humorless tundra of Northern Minnesota. He went to college to figure out if God exists and taught his first college course when he was 25. He wrote his first novel when he was 12 (a nature adventure story, hand-written on 20 sheets of loose-leaf paper and sent off to New York for publication. Unfortunately, the publishing company was "not considering material of this type at this time").

Due to a chronic tendency to underestimate the difficulty of a task, combined with a spirit of stubborn determination, Daniel decided to learn programming and created Realizing he was a lousy programmer, he returned to his love of writing and his first book ("The Training of KX12") has been a surprise hit.

He is the editor in chief (and occasional contributor) for Greg Boyd's blog and is the host of the wildly popular podcast: "Greg Boyd: Apologies & Explanations."


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