February 24, 2020

Sitting on the Yoga Mat

Welcome back

This is episode 30 and this conversation includes a very special guest, a yogi and a friend. Listeners, today, we are sitting on the yoga mat with Julie Thayer.

 Julie is a firm believer in becoming the Champion of your own Self-Care and she will inspire you to discover your own capacity to cultivate an optimal state of being through your personal yoga practice, both on and off your mat.

For more about her certifications, I encourage you to visit juliethayeryoga.com, where you can also keep track of events and workshops featuring Julie.

Julie has also been most recently featured in the Change Maker Press presentation of Change Makers: 20 Transformational Stories from Women Ming an Impact in the Lives of Others. This book is available through Julie’s website or through Amazon.

Julie shares her inspirational story of transformation beginning from the coldest forest of her despair to a new path, invigorated by a rebirth. Suicide is often not discussed, and attempts are higher than many know of, especially for women. Wholeness of the self includes mental wholeness and many of us are fractured and in need of just someone to see us and hear us.

We discuss the conflict with rising up to be better while believing I am enough as I am. Which is it?

What does it mean to finally accept that “not everybody is ready to meet you in your moment”? Do we value the pursuit of the perfect moment more than we value the present moment? What happens when we are not open to receiving?

How can we create islands of calm? What is yoga about? How does one “do” yoga? Yoga is an experience. Yoga is life, yoga can happen everywhere and it’s for everyone.

To connect with Julie Thayer, please visit her website: http://juliethayeryoga.com/about/





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