March 22, 2021

Sex, With God

Suzanne DeWitt Hall joins today’s conversation. 

Suzanne is a writer who’s authored many books, three of which we discuss today: Theology of Desire, Sex with God, and Sleeper, Awake

Suzanne shares her story of religious unlearning by way of devotional deconstruction. Her books are delectable snacks for the individual who finds themselves smack in the middle of religious deconstruction and unsure of which questions to ask or why. 

We discuss how encouraging her devotionals are for those who are also going through an erotic transformation, questioning their sexual identity, orientation, and how one relates and reflects the sexual attribute from God. 

We tackle issues surrounding purity culture and the toxic programs, she shares a reimagined depiction of Jesus as "sexy and flirtatious," and we talk about the steamiest scenes in the Bible that highlight the nature of God. 

When asked how one can discern their desires, she advises that we learn to check "ourselves when we're turning someone else into a thing that satisfies us, rather than a person who is worthy of connection, respect, and love." 

A healthy desire is one that brings wholeness, not only to the one who desires but the one who is desired, especially physically, intimately, sexually. 

Suzanne touches on two ideas that are not regularly discussed when considering consent: Sometimes, we say "yes" but we don't really mean "yes." and the privilege of being able to say "no."


To connect with Suzanne DeWitt Hall, and learn more about her work and purchase her books, check the links before.



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