April 13, 2020

Psychedelic Christianity

This episode welcomes philosopher, writer, and president of the Institute for the Advancement of Psychedelic Christianity, Jack Call. Jack is the author of 4 books: Dreams and Resurrection, God is a Symbol of Something True, Life in a Psychedelic Church, and Psychedelic Christianity. Today, we discuss his philosophy, including how psychedelic drugs brought him closer to Christianity and God.

Jack introduces us to the Boo Hoo Bible, the cultish practice of Psychedelic Christianity, and solipsistic nihilism. We discuss what’s out of our control and what’s basic and in our control.

“I don’t want to say that God is just a concept…God accounts for the fact that there are things aren’t under our control, but something—somebody gets them done.”

Call went from conceptualizing God in a depersonalized reality, similarly to the style and philosophy of Alan Watts, but gradually moved toward an understanding that God is personal and our relationship with God is part of the Ultimate Goal.

What is the Ultimate Goal? Jack pulls apart the varying layers of what the goal is and how we can achieve it.  

Jack takes us through the journey of the Dream Analogy and we talk about what it could be like to die. Is there an afterlife? What does the afterlife look like? What does this reveal or contribute to transformation? We imagine together.

Jack explains why the parable of the lost sheep is anti-utilitarian and what we can do instead, to bring about the Kingdom and maintain right relationship with God.

“The highest goal would be for ourselves to stop doing the wrong thing because we do understand that is it the wrong thing. And we love God and our neighbor as ourselves. And that’s what would be loving about the Kingdom of God. It’s when I stop doing something unjust because I realize it’s unjust. When I ask for forgiveness because I realize what I’ve done is wrong…I’m not saying we shouldn’t have any laws…The Kingdom of God is not about forcing anyone to do anything.”

This episode is for the lovers of philosophy and imaginative conceptions and possibilities.


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Janitor and President of the Institute for the Advancement of Psychedelic Christianity, Jack Call was a clergyman in the Neo-American Church for six years, worked as a typesetter for 11 years, earned a Ph.D. in philosophy from Clarement Graduate University, and taught philosophy at Citrus College for 19 years. He has published essays on the relations between philosophy, religion, and social science, and books on philosophy and religion. He lives with his wife in Whittier, California.


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