March 16, 2021

Pornstar Pastor

Today, Pornstar Pastor joins the conversation.

PP is not your typical pastor in that he supports sex workers and he encourages ethical porn use. This conversation unfolds so many wonderful and delightful yet deep and controversial topics. We discuss Christian nationalism, comparison of sins, church scandals, Christian sexual ethics, purity prescriptions, a call for patience for progress, minding our extremist blind spots, realizing our theology isn’t that old, why we can be so easily stripped of salvation by dualistic dogma, and why faith has been co-opted. Especially riveting is the way Pornstar Pastor revisions the biblical passage of Jesus before Pontius Pilate while delving into the politics of Jesus. PP’s profound request is necessary: “Let’s not hold salvation over one another’s heads. Let’s not hold faith over one another’s heads.”

Concluding thoughts leave many unanswered questions, join the reflection:

What are the Christian approach to porn, sex work, and Only fans use?

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