May 20, 2020

Moral Relativism, Realism, and Moral Principles

Sam Kratzer joins the conversation today to share his views on moral relativism. Sam is a philosopher, a husband, and a father of twins. He's a long time friend of mine and in this episode, we dig deep into philosophy.

How is truth constructed?

What's dangerous about Ayn Rand's Objectivism, what's dangerous about moral relativism, and what does philosophy reveal about life and the psyche?

We discuss the principled approach to viewing consumption, why absolute claims are hard to prove, and why Dawkins is an atrocious theologian but a luminescent biologist.

Sam explains why he is motivated by results and why that makes him a utilitarian.

We tip-toe into understanding the Trump base and why it feels good to be part of a group.

Tiger King comes up, AGAIN!

"I'm fairly uncomfortable with strong forms of relativism—they're a little dangerous."

"It's easier to be unconscious."

"I think a lot of people are profoundly insecure in their own beliefs."

"The scariest thing in the world to us is someone who is smart and well-intentioned and believes the exact opposite of what we do."

"I have to believe that anyone who disagrees with me is either evil or stupid or both because I cannot imagine anything scarier than that not being trie because that means that I might be wrong."

"We prefer nefarious order rather than chaos" and that's why we gravitate toward "conspiracy theories."

Alvin Plantinga, echo chambers, dualism and more.

Enjoy the show.

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