June 24, 2020

Love is the Distraction to Division

Chris Terrell joins Danielle for this conversation. We discuss Chris' upbringing and how that helped form who he is right now. He shares his views on what he sees between outliers and insiders. We share agreement in the idea of Oneness and how everything is connected. He asks the question: "What if we are all wrong?" What happens when it comes down to agreeability and disagreeability and why that shouldn't determine "family" and connection. He explains how he doesn't see things as "right or wrong" but more so in terms of what is "mature" and what is "immature." We talk about how movies influence mimesis, how despite primary focus, there is so much that is not attended to when the demands are to keep us attentive on things that really don't matter. We discuss how disagreement is diversity and why love either isn't a distraction at all or maybe it's THE distraction we all need.

To connect with Chris Terrell, you can visit his social media page here: https://www.facebook.com/chris.terrell.900


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