February 17, 2020

God is Seducing Us

In this episode, Recovery Coach Christina Choy joins the conversation. Christina’s work engenders clients to find their freedom and our conversation puts words to the liberation she is living out loud. Our discussion tackles homeschool/unschool ideas and we both share our concerns about how we teach our children and what practices we use to let our children show us their passion. From there, Christina shares her analogy for how life is like a table with rotten legs and how we can provide our tables with sturdy legs, so long as we are willing to put in the work. We are behind our words and how we put into practice the things we claim for ourselves matters. This may resonate with many listeners and provoke introspective reflection as it did for me. We talk about belly dancing and the Shakira/JLo performance that created an uproar.


Christina Choy is a stay at home Catholic mom to 5 kids.  She has spent the last 10 years suffering from and then recovering from, a severe chronic illness. Through the process of recovery, she dove deep into her subconscious mind in order to rehabilitate and rewire her brain. This taught her much about the relationship between psyche, spirituality, physical wellbeing, sexuality, and relationships. Since then it has been her mission to point people toward their own inherent wellbeing, wholeness, freedom, and power via her YouTube channel, private coaching practice, and simply living what she teaches every single day.

To connect with Christina Choy, please visit her YouTube channel or finding her on Facebook.




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