December 7, 2020

Antidotes to Anti-Sex Ideology

Post purity culture methods of mindfulness that can help dig out the root rot left behind by purity culture narratives that induce shame and judgment and confuse the hell out of us about sex and sexual identity. Danielle presents a variety of methods that can help you start a new program of mindFULLness. 

Brene Brown + Gabrielle Berstein + Emily Nagoski PhD + Thich Nhat Hanh + sensate focus therapy + The Raisin + The Body Scan + Mindful Eating + Dr. Lori Brotto + Masters and Johnson + shattering shame + shame projection is judgment + couple inclusive techniques + sexual arousal + sexual desire + erectile dysfunction + sexual trauma + sexual abuse + inadequacy + I Am affirmations + Perfect + Integrate body & spirit + intimacy + eroticism

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